Xenical Cost

Xenical (orlistat) is a gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor used for managing obesity in children older than 12 and adults; it also prevents the patients from regaining weight afterwards. This medicine works by inhibiting the digestion of fat received with food and should be combined with a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. It's not recommended to take Xenical if you are allergic to any of its compounds, have gallbladder problems, problems with absorbing food, or suffer from cholestasis.

To avoid possible interaction with Xenical you should inform your doctor of any medical conditions that you have or used to have in order to avoid serious complications. The conditions you should mention include pregnancy or breastfeeding, taking any other medicine (prescription or over-the-counter), any herbal supplements, or underactive thyroid. You also need to keep in mind that some other drugs (anticoagulants and cyclosporine) have been reported to interact with Xenical, so their simultaneous use should be avoided. You should check with your health care provider before making a decision to discontinue the use of some medicines, start a new one, increase or decrease the dosage.